Saturday, October 25, 2008

Conference: Library Journal 4th Design Institute, December 2008, Hartford, Connecticut

Library Journal, 4th Design Institute, December 2008, Hartford, Connecticut

DATE: December 4, 2008 (Thursday) TIME: 9 AM - 6 PM
LOCATION: Connecticut Legislative Office Building / 300 Capitol Avenue / Hartford CT 06106

The fourth Library Journal Design Institute moves to Connecticut for a one-day think tank on green design. We will bring together leading architects, designers, librarians, and vendors to hone in on the challenges and solutions we face in making libraries sustainable. As previous Green Design institutes have shown, there is much more to sustainability than making our libraries green.

With every Green Design Institute, we've taken a leap forward in knowledge and understanding, but there is so much more we can learn from these experts and each other. Join us for a day-long series of green-themed presentations, panels, and breakout sessions, and learn the latest developments, options, costs and strategies being adopted.

We'll also reprise one of the most successful features of the day: hands-on breakout sessions with architects. Each librarian attendee will have a chance to have their design challenge be the focus of one of the six architect-led breakout sessions. The design challenges do not have to focus solely on going green, but the breakout session will incorporate green solutions into the design.
Limited to 100 attendees, the seminar is for those considering a new building project or renovation, in the fundraising or pre-bond stage, or in the early building process.

SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES: Welcome breakfast, registration, lunch, cocktail, educational panels and presentations, plus group breakout sessions.

Each session, led by sponsoring architects, will focus on a pre-selected, real-life challenge submitted in advance by attendees and chosen by LJ. To get the most out of the afternoon breakout sessions, you must submit a description of your library's 'challenge'

>>>No Later Than November 4, 2008 <<<

Double-spaced word document (maximum 200 words). Please describe either the larger design problem you are tackling with your new building, renovation, or addition, or a particular aspect of it. Your problems do not need to have a specific "green" component, but the architects will incorporate green solutions during their presentations.

Supporting documents to help us best visualize the space and challenges described above. These could include photos (2-3 is fine, and can be quick snap-shot digital images), plans, sketches, etc. These items, however, are not needed to be considered.

PANEL DISCUSSIONS: LJ editors, library consultants, designers, vendors, librarians and architects

REGISTRATION CRITERIA: Design Institute is open to librarians who are in the bond,pre-bond or early planning stage. Admission is FREE!

Online Registration Form / Transportation / Accomodation Recommendations Information Available




CW said...

This sounds very interesting and useful. Are you going, and will you be telling us more about it? :)

Gerry said...


Thanks for your interest in The Posting.

I do not plan to attend this year ... .