Friday, December 12, 2008

Article: The Green Library Movement: An Overview And Beyond

The Green Library Movement:
An Overview of Green Library Literature and Actions from 1979 to the Future of Green Libraries


The creation of green libraries is approaching a tipping point, generating a Green Library Movement, which is comprised of librarians, libraries, cities, towns, college and university campuses committed to greening libraries and reducing their environmental impact. Constructing a green library building using a performance standard like LEED is a way some libraries are choosing to become green and sustainable. Environmental challenges like energy depletion and climate change will influence the type of information resources and programs libraries will provide to their communities.

A Call to Action

The time is right for librarians to step up and help communities become green and sustainable. “Limits to Growth,” author and sustainability expert Professor Donella Meadows listed the public library as one of the “seven-plus wonders of sustainability” (Meadows, 1999, para. 7). The role of the library is to serve its community. Communities need libraries and librarians to act as role models for sustainability by providing accurate information on all manner of green topics, from alternative building practices to renewable energy options. The time is also right for librarians to support and continue to grow the Green Library Movement.

Keywords: Green Library Movement, green, sustainable, libraries, programs, LEED, environment, peak oil, climate change

Monika Antonelli (2008) “The Green Library Movement: An Overview and Beyond”, Electronic Green Journal : Vol. 1: No. 27, Article 1.

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