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Publishing: Espresso Book Machine For OECD New Sustainability Book

Green publishing launch for OECD primer on Sustainable Development

01/12/2008 - A new OECD book on sustainable development will practice what it preaches by using innovative low-carbon publishing technology for sales in far-flung global markets.

As part of its worldwide launch on 2 December 2008, ‘OECD Insights: Sustainable Development’ will be printed and sold in an Australian bookshop, using one of Time magazine’s Inventions of the Year - the Espresso Book Machine from On Demand Books


Brochure w/Spec Sheet


In choosing the Espresso Book Machine to launch the book, OECD is taking advantage of technology to go beyond standard publishing practice. Normally, books are printed in one place, shipped worldwide to distributors and then forwarded to booksellers, generating a significant carbon footprint. Espresso Book Machines will print ‘OECD Insights: Sustainable Development’ for sale on site, as needed in locations in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Egypt, as well as in Australia.

‘OECD Insights: Sustainable Development’ will still be published using traditional methods in markets where the new technology is not yet installed. As technology progresses, however, more OECD books are expected to be printed for local sale in this way.

“New technology is transforming the publishing industry, giving us the opportunity to reduce significantly our carbon footprint and improve delivery times for customers," Toby Green, Head of Publishing at OECD, said. “Using this approach, publishing can become a “just-in-time” business that is both economically more efficient and friendlier to the environment. Each of the books printed and sold through the Angus & Robertson bookshop in Melbourne, for example, will save 5.8kg in carbon emissions.”

For further information journalists are invited to contact
Toby Green, head of Publishing at the OECD (telephone: +33 1 45 24 94 15).

OECD Insights: Sustainable Development - ISBN 9789264047785.

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Also available in French

Lancement vert pour un guide de l’OCDE sur le développement durable

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