Monday, December 1, 2008

Journal: Journal of Green Building

The Journal of Green Building ... is the first publication of its kind to present current research findings and new directions related to green building and high performance built facilities and infrastructure. The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles from authors in the fields of architecture, engineering, design, construction, facilities management, and all disciplines relevant to the life cycle of built facilities and infrastructure.


The journal also publishes a series of articles and case studies written by practicing building professionals. These practitioner-oriented pieces offer detailed advice on how to incorporate green building approaches and technologies into future projects.



Author's Guidelines for Paper Content and Structure

I. Author's Guidelines for Industry Articles

Practice oriented articles are written by architects, engineers, and building construction professionals with other practicing professionals in mind. These articles will be published in the Industry section of the Journal of Green Building, Part 1, and are not peer reviewed ... .

Authors are encouraged to offer a rigorous coverage of green building topics, applications, techniques, and processes. The treatment of the building, architectural, or engineering process ought to be covered in enough detail and with enough supporting examples to enable a fellow practitioner to repeat these processes in their future projects.

II. Author's Guidelines for Research Articles

Papers submitted for consideration of publication in the Journal of Green Building should advance the body of knowledge related to green, sustainable, or high performance built facilities and infrastructure systems.

Acceptable paper topics include original reviews of past practice, present information of current interest, or exploration of new concepts pertinent to green building ... .

All papers will be reviewed by at least two peers that are competent to evaluate the technical and professional quality of the work.

Topics of interest for the Journal span the whole scope of the green building domain and include, but are not limited to:
  • Indicators of sustainability for built facilities and infrastructure systems
  • Mathematical and systems modeling of facilities and infrastructure performance Integrated design and facility life cycle methods and practice
  • Innovation and performance modeling for mechanical systems, building envelopes, lighting, and other key facility systems
  • Green building materials and structural innovations
  • Building science, energy performance, and indoor environmental quality issues
  • Alternative project delivery methods for green building projects
  • Information architectures for facilities data related to green building
  • Impacts of facilities on human performance
  • Life cycle analysis and assessment methodologies and models
  • Energy systems, conservation, and generation
  • Water, stormwater, and wastewater systems
  • Historic preservation and green building
  • The built environment as industrial ecosystem
  • Deconstruction methodologies and waste management innovations
  • Sustainability and security in facility and infrastructure design
  • Prevention and sustainable mitigation of mold and other building hazards
  • Barriers to sustainability implementation
  • Economics of green building and cost models/methods
  • Operational frameworks for sustainability implementation
  • Decision making and management of tradeoffs in green building projects
  • Research and education needs to support sustainability implementation
  • Emerging technologies for sustainable facilities & infrastructure


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