Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Book: The Green Campus: Meeting the Challenge of Environmental Sustainability

The Green Campus: Meeting the Challenge of Environmental Sustainability / Walter Simpson (Editor)

Alexandria, VA; APPA [Association of Superintendents of Buildings and Grounds], 2008.

ISBN: 1-890956-46-5 / Price: $ 110.00 (Member Price: $ 87.00)

Description: xiii, 361 : ill. ; 26 cm.]


This sustainability anthology explores the meaning of genuine environmental sustainability—in global and local terms—while profiling excellent campus environmental programs. The book offers guidance and inspiration to campus leaders and advocates who promote sustainability within institutions of higher education, and addresses these fundamental questions:

• What does it mean to be a green campus?

• Is it possible for educational institutions to effectively reduce their sizable environmental footprints?

• How can individuals make a difference and successfully advocate more environmentally sustainable campus operations?

• Is the education community poised to create solutions to our most vexing environmental problems?

This comprehensive resource is a vital tool that administrators, faculty, staff, students, and concerned citizens can use to help the education community serve a higher purpose.



Initial thoughts: A reflection on green campuses / Walter Simpson -- Rating colleges / David W. Orr -- Higher education's critical role in creating a healthy, just, and sustainable society / Anthony D. Cortese -- Will sustainability take root? / Karla Ignite -- The 800-pound gorilla: the threat and taming of global climate change / Jim Hansen -- Energy and climate change: Going climate neutral: the American college & university presidents climate commitment / Judy Walton -- Organizing an effective campus energy program: lessons from the University at Buffalo / Walter Simpson -- On-site renewables: installing solar, wind, and biomass energy systems on campus / Michael Philips, Andrea Putnam, and Walter Simpson -- Buying green power from utilities and other suppliers / Michael Philips, Andrea Putnam, and Walter Simpson -- UC Berkeley's climate commitment / Fahmida Ahmed -- Responding to climate change: making it happen at Middlebury College / Jack Byrne and Nan Jenks-Jay -- Green buildings: Making the case for green building: cataloging the benefits of environmentally responsible design and construction / Alex Wilson -- Successful strategies for planning a green building / William D. Browning -- Architecture, ecological design, and education: the creation of the Adam Joseph Lewis Center at Oberlin College / David W. Orr -- Green purchasing and materials: Waste not: a discussion about green purchasing with Rutger's University's Kevin Lyons / Karla Hignite with Kevin Lyons -- Building materials: what makes a product green? / Alex Wilson -- Recycling and waste reduction: Recycle this! A look at campus recycling programs / R. Marc Fournier -- In pursuit of recycling excellence at the University of Oregon / Karyn Kaplan -- Campus landscaping and grounds: The role of the landscape in creating a sustainable campus / Carol Franklin, Teresa Durkin, and Sara Pevaroff Schuh -- Why go native? Campus landscaping for biodiversity and sustainability / Brian Kermath -- Pesticide-free campuses / Steve Abercrompie -- Transportation: The road less traveled: sustainable transportation on campus / Will Toor -- Green cleaning: Harvard University's green cleaning program / Jason Luke and Dara Olmsted -- Green campus profiles: Sustainability at Arizona State University: a top-down approach / Benny Bentzin -- The greening of Ball State University: a whole systems approach / Robert J. Koester, James Eflin, and John Vann -- Creating a culture of sustainability at the University of British Columbia / Gillian Allan -- From advocating to institutionalizing sustainability at Cornell University / Dean Koyanagi -- Sustainability, campus operations, and academic entrepreneurship at Ithaca College / Peter W. Bardaglio and Marian Brown -- Green campus evaluation: A sustainability assessment and rating system for colleges and universities / Judy Walton -- Overcoming existential paralysis: The last word: a cartoon by Tom Toles -- Steps toward environmental sustainability: 125 ways to green your campus / UB Green Office, University at Buffalo -- Key organizations, programs, and references / Walter Simpson and Judy Walton.