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New Book > _How Green Is My Library?_

Sam McBane Mulford ;  Ned A. Himmel / ISBN13: 9781591587804 ; ISBN10: 1591587808 / Libraries Unlimited / Paperback / 122 pages / Publication Date: 12/22/2009 / Price: $40.00 /  Book code: LU8780


While there is a broad spectrum of ecological sophistication within libraries nationwide and some regions are at the forefront of sustainable of sustainable design and operations, others are just beginning or have yet to integrate materials recycling into their daily practice. A few jurisdictions are mandating LEED certified buildings and carbon-neutral practices, while others do not yet have these concepts on their radars.

This resource will provide novice to intermediate ecological sophisticates with tools to evaluate the greenness of their existing or planned facilities and operations.


What is "green?" -- Why be "green?" -- How green are we? -- How green do we want to be? -- Greening my library -- How do we get there?


Sam McBane Mulford has consulted with libraries as well as other public and not for profit agencies for over twenty years. Her design career has been focused in strategic initiatives, process design and facilitation, and creating environments that empower organizations to achieve their vision and goals.

Ned Himmel, MLS, UC Berkeley, recently retired as Assistant Library Director, San Jose Public Library, San Jose, CA. He has 35 years of experience, including as a manager at two National Libraries of the Year. He is currently a consultant on library design and operation.




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