Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sustainability Reference Center™ > New EBSCOHost Fulltext Database

Sustainability Reference Center™ is a comprehensive full-text database covering all aspects of sustainability. This collection offers unmatched full-text coverage of information relevant to many areas integral to sustainability initiative management including, but not limited to:

Corporate Social Responsibility
Environmental Stewardship
Federal, State and Local Regulations
"Green" Issues & Initiatives
ISO 14000
Renewable Energy
Resource Conservation
Social Entrepreneurship
Sustainable Business Practices
Waste Reduction

Sustainability Reference Center offers full content from more than 820 publications including journals, monographs, magazines, and trade publications, all directly with a strong focus on sustainability issues.

The database also features tens of thousands of additional sustainability-focused articles, benchmarks, and best practices, selected from thousands of trade and industry titles.

Designed for sustainability experts and information professionals, Sustainability Reference Center provides the greatest concentration of sustainability-related content available today.


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